Our Leadership Program

Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme (DELP)

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The inaugural Emerging Leaders Programme was launched in 2013 in the UK.  It is a twelve month scheme to train, support and connect the leaders of tomorrow who want to help shape the 21st century.  There are currently twenty young leaders on the programme who are living, studying and working in the UK from among and/or with an interest in the Chinese diaspora.

The programme is currently running in London, where the bright, talented, ambitious professionals, students and entrepreneurial participants have been recruited. The programme is being run primarily in the evenings, and have been scheduled to fit both faculty and participants’ work and study schedules.  Participants attend in person or by teleconference.

The participants of the program are young professionals who have a strong desire to learn about the global diaspora and keen to create links between the countries in which they reside and those from which they originate. They all have a strong sense of social responsibility and willingness to learn about the wider society and how to participate through business and social enterprise in the Western establishment. All the participants work hard to become leaders in their respective chosen fields and the programme supports them in their quest to do so.

Participants on the leadership programme are currently undertaking a series of activities over twelve months, including:

  • Participating in group mentoring sessions with Lord Wei and the Diaspora management team on a monthly basis
  • Every other month, we alternated between having a evening session (and dinner) with Lord Wei and his management team with a guest mentor.
  • One on one talks by senior figures from within/beyond the British Chinese community including business leaders, media and networking experts and politicians
  • Site visits to learn about how the British system and establishment works
  • Attending networking events to develop strong networking skills and contacts
  • Undertaking team research projects to build on team-working skills and develop initiatives benefiting diaspora and British communities, society in general, and global trade

Please click onto the profiles page to find out their backgrounds.

After successful completion of the programme, the alumni will be invited to participate in and/or contribute to:

  • Mentoring within the highest reaches of commerce, industry, government and civil society, exposing them to future career sponsors and also to make the connections needed to rise to the top within these organisations / sectors
  • Supporting networking and job/business opportunities to help each other progress in the UK and internationally
  • Transforming society and improving communities and global trade through alumni social initiatives

We are currently preparing for the next intake of participants in the 2017 programme. Please see our recruitment section for more details.

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