Candidate Profile

Joining the programme is a commitment, and both you and we need to know, as part of the process, whether we are a good fit for each other.

Looking at the background of the current member profiles will help guide you on what we look for. You can see that we are a very diverse bunch, both in career and age.

We will be particularly interested in the following aspects:



We are looking for candidates who have the potential to be leaders of the future, either within their community or within their industry as an influencer in this world. Evidence that identify leadership potential include making effective and decisive decisions, showing assertiveness, a team player, entrepreneurial spirit, charisma and great communication skills.

Active Listening

This programme is all about taking your career and life into the next level, and that can only be done if you are great listener and reflector of your strength and development points. To make the most of your programme, you will need an open mind, be able to know yourself and have the temperament to ask fundamental questions of where you are, and where you want to be.


The strongest candidates are those with a global view. Individuals who are curious of cross border issues and relationships between China and the UK and being passionate about important cultural issues. You need to be open and tactful in learning new cultures and sensitivities and be able show potential to not just be a national leader, but a global one too, in any field. We want to raise the global profile of the UK Chinese Diaspora and eventually the profile of all diaspora groups in the UK.  Are you up for it?


If this programme represents a road, ambition represents your engine. We want you to think big. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough, and this programme may not be for you. We want you to come in with a desire to make a difference, a desire to make your mark in history. If you have the will power and hunger to make that difference and improve our society, talk to us.


We want candidates who have shown potential through a credible and measurable track -record. It could be on anything or everything. Within our Alumni we have UK sport champions, award-winning social and fashion entrepreneurs, authors, designers and top graduates. We don’t expect the complete package, but we are looking for someone who is on an upward curve and looking to accelerate it to the next level.


We are not looking for perfection. What we are looking for is strength. We have all faced challenges and made mistakes and if you want to get to the top, there will be plenty more to come. But the way you respond to those challenges, that is a true measure of character. If you can take a hit and keep going, if you had an obstacle but you never gave up, if you are relentlessly focused on making your dreams happen and aspire to make our world a better place, then you are exactly the kind of person the next generation needs.

To learn more and apply, please go to the applications guidance page

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