Video submission guidance

Video submission 

We would like you, for your initial application, to submit a video, no longer than 1 minute long to us. We would prefer if you use the vimeo or YouTube platforms. We advise you to set the privacy settings so that only the individuals sent the link can watch it.

Uploading a video from vimeo or YouTube is easy, just create a account on their website or and you can upload your video there. Then, you can copy the link and send it to us.

A lot of candidates may feel rather intimidated about making a video, but you don’t need to be. We don’t mind what the format is, it can be filmed through an Ipad, phone, laptop or DSLR. It doesn’t matter, as long as we can hear you and see you fairly clearly.

The video is a way of showing us who you are and how you think you can benefit from the programme. It will also tell us a little bit about your communication style.

Tell us why you would be a good fit, what are your ambitions? Show us your passion and tell us about you. Please  communicate  in English.

Here are some tips on producing a good video:

  • Most important, be yourself. This is not a casting show for an acting class, we want to know the real you.
  • Make the minute work for you. A minute is a short time, so spend it wisely, use every second to sell yourself.
  • Rehearse!  It might feel strange to talk to a camera so practice makes perfect. In time, it feel more natural.
  • Structure. With so little time, have a beginning, middle and end. Know what message you want to pass on clearly. This is your chance to shine.
  • Quality, not quantity! With only one minute in the video, it’s tempting to speak quickly and cram as much information as possible. No need! Something short but clear is better than rushed and intense. Speak clearly and try sending us a clear message.

To learn more and apply, please go to the applications guidance page

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